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Starting Point



The brand DEBY DEBO was born in Paris during 1996.

It's the result of the union of Cedric and Deborah Allouche, They created DEBY DEBO … and Cedric gave it her wife

name DEBO as an emblem.

In the ready-to-wear clothing since his childhood, Cedric always worked with his parents before of this throw in the

adventure DEBY DEBO..

According to the seasons which pass, collections are inspired by vintage and many travels,

but also old materials, ancient books and frequent visit to second market are their main source of inspiration.

Using embroidery and laces are the characteristic sign of the brand.

You will find very feminine lines, slim and full always wrapped in good quality materials.

Harmony is the key word for the colours and shapes of this band.

Today DEBY DEBO keeps exporting more and more beyond France and all over the world.

A brand that is glamour, audacious and suitable of the city at the same time and whole contemporary lines

gave a bohemian spirit.

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